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About The Lap Band Surgeon Houston, Texas

Is The Lap-Band Right For You?

The LAP-BAND® System is not right for everyone.

Our surgeons will work with you to
decide if this is the right treatment.
Here are some of the things our
surgeons consider.


The LAP-BAND® System may be right for you if:
    1. You are an adult (at least 18 years old).
    2. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 40 or higher or you weigh at least twice your     ideal weight or you weigh at least 100 pounds (45 kilos) more than your ideal     weight.
    3. You have been overweight for more than 5 years.
        Your serious attempts to lose weight have had only short-term success.
    4. You do not have any other disease that may have caused you to be     overweight.
    5. You are prepared to make major changes in your eating habits and lifestyle.
    6. You are willing to continue working with the specialist who is treating you.
    7. You do not drink alcohol in excess.
If your BMI is less than 40, the LAP-BAND® System may not be right for you. On the other hand, the surgeons may consider it if you have health problems that are related to obesity. Your surgeon may also have other criteria he or she uses. Ask him to discuss the criteria with you.

Contraindications To check your BMI, use our
  The LAP-BAND® System is not right for you if:
    1.   You have an inflammatory disease or condition of the gastrointestinal tract,       such as ulcers, severe esophagitis, or Crohn's disease.
    2.   You have severe heart or lung disease that makes you a poor candidate for       surgery.
    3.   You have some other disease that makes you a poor candidate for surgery.
    4.   You have a problem that could cause bleeding in the esophagus or       stomach. That might include esophageal or gastric varices (a dilated vein).       It might also be something such as congenital or acquired intestinal       telangiectasia (dilation of a small blood vessel).
    5.   You have portal hypertension.
    6.   Your esophagus, stomach, or intestine is not normal (congenital or       acquired). For instance you might have a narrowed opening.
    7.   You have/experienced an intra-operative gastric injury, such as a gastric       perforation at or near the location of the intended band placement.
    8.   You have cirrhosis.
    9.   You have chronic pancreatitis.
    10. You are pregnant. (If you become pregnant after the Inamed® LAP-BAND®
          System has been placed, the band may need to be deflated. The same is       true if you need more nutrition for any other reason, such as becoming       seriously ill. In rare cases, removal may be needed.)
    11. You are addicted to alcohol or drugs.
    12. You have an active infection anywhere in your body or one that could       contaminate the surgical area.
    13. You are on chronic, long-term steroid treatment.
    14. You cannot or do not want to follow the dietary rules that come with this       procedure.
    15. You might be allergic to materials in the device.
    16. You cannot tolerate pain from an implanted device.
    17. You or someone in your family has an autoimmune connective tissue       disease.
          That might be a disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus or       scleroderma.
          The same is true if you have symptoms of one of these diseases.
Some physicians believe that patients with a "sweet tooth" will not do well with the LAP-BAND® System. If you eat a lot of sweet foods, the surgeons may decide not to do the procedure. The same is true if you often drink milkshakes or other high-calorie liquids.
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